• Lewis Gillingwater

Square Enix insists it is not for sale.

Following a report that suggested multiple games companies were circling Square Enix for a potential buyout, the Japanese games giant has denied that it is considering or has received any offers regarding a takeover.

Short reports by Bloomberg Japan and CFTN, which quotes two anonymous bankers, suggested that the company could be courting investors to take over some or all of the business. Exactly who is said to be interested is unclear, but given the recent spate of acquisitions by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony as they try to beef up their list of console exclusives it is not difficult to imagine who might be willing to open their wallets.

Despite a reported stock boost for Square Enix following the news of potentially interested investors, the company has categorically denied rumours that it is looking to sell or to buy. The fact that they have been so concrete and not offered the usual “no comment” you would expect from a company’s legal team about to be acquired suggests there is likely be nothing to these rumours, but if Square Enix, itself a product of a corporate merger between Square and Enix in 2003, suddenly becomes a first-party developer for one of the big three, then nobody can say we didn’t see it coming.