• Lewis Gillingwater

Starfield isn't arriving any time soon

Updated: May 22

Despite rumours of imminent release pretty much since it was announced, Bethesda's perpetually upcoming Sci-fi RPG is apparently a long way off.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, refuting rumours that Starfield is pretty much done, says those close to the development have said the game is, in fact, nowhere near completion. While we should expect an E3 appearance with some kind of release date, we probably shouldn't be expecting much more.

I know we're all eager for Bethesda's next great RPG (That isn't the Elder Scrolls 6), but a surprise release for Starfield this year seems unlikely. Honestly given the constant hype-disappointment cycle of Cyberpunk last year, perhaps keeping quiet about Starfield is a better bet for Bethesda's long-suffering PR department.