• Joe Allen

Steam Deck Announcement

Playstation 5s are like gold dust, Xbox X/S have their much-lauded game pass, and even Switch has its new OLED model coming on the market later in the year. But get ready for PC gaming to become far much accessible and affordable: enter, Steam Deck.

Announced by Valve, Steam’s parent company, announced the release of a new handheld gaming device, due to hit shelves in December 2021. The internet has been a-buzz ever since, with the obvious comparisons to Nintendo’s Switch (my personal favourites being the ‘Steamboy’ and ‘Gabe Boy’). While on the face of it, the Steam Deck does seem to be a Switch clone, that comparison only goes so far before you to start to notice what truly stands out with this new player in the console war.

So firstly, the techy side of things. The Steam Deck boasts a custom Zen 2 AMD processor, 8 RDNA 2 CUs and 16GB of RAM. Comparatively speaking, this makes the Deck slightly more powerful than the PS4/Xbox One and extensively more powerful than the Switch. Though limited to 720p, the Deck can also, like the Switch, be plugged into your TV or monitor. The amount of space will depend on what you’re willing to spend, offering 64GB, 250GB, and 512 GB SSD versions.

The Deck will run on SteamOS, a Linux-based OS that will allow you to run any of your Steam library. What’s more, if you so desire, you totally just remove the OS, install Windows, and be able to play any Windows games you’ve bought from the Microsoft store. You can even install other game launchers, such as the Epic Store.

This is a really exciting announcement for me; I’m an avid PC gamer and have an extensive Steam library that I’m excited to be able to access on the go. More importantly, it finally opens up the world of PC gaming to a much wider audience; no longer do you need to build an epic gaming PC or knowledge about the hardware, or to upgrade it. All of this, and at a very competitive price point.

You can reserve your Steam Deck now @ steamdeck.com; they will retail at £349 (64GB), £459 (250GB) and £569 (512GB).