• Ben Thompson

Streets Of Rage 4 is getting new DLC!

Publisher Dotemu has announced that Streets Of Rage 4 will be getting some DLC this year. It's nearly a year since the incredible Streets Of Rage 4 was released with the sequel/reboot being a wonderfully made and true love letter to fans of the original trilogy of games from the early 90's being adored by seemingly everyone who played it. It then makes sense to add some more beat em up goodness with the upcoming DLC, Mr X Nightmare.

The premium DLC looks to be a hefty expansion full of new content. It will introduce three new playable fighters , one of which being Estel who was one of the fr-enemies of the main SOR4 story. As well as new playable characters, the DLC will bring in a new Survival mode which doesn't have many details just yet but will ask players to "elevate and prove their true capabilities through special tests of skill".

Along with all that there will be a new customisation feature that will allow you to adjust your fighters move sets to make them your own. Finally to top it all off there is a brand new sound track courtesy of Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes, who has created brand new music for the game.

The game will also feature a free update for all players that will include a more in depth training mode and a Mania+ difficulty mode for all you masochists out there.

There's no confirmed release date other than ''later this year'', so watch this space in the meantime as we will most certainly keep you up to date as soon as we can. You can watch the reveal trailer below.