• Lewis Gillingwater

Subnautica sequel Below Zero promises new frozen threats that all want you dead

A new cinematic trailer for undersea exploration game Subnautica’s icy sequel Below Zero has shown off just some of the equal parts adorable and deadly creatures you will be scanning and then quickly fleeing from when the game officially launches on May 14th.

Taking place after the first game, Unknown Worlds’ sequel, initially designed as a DLC expansion but now expanded to a standalone game, tasks you with exploring the arctic region of Planet 4546B to find your missing sister. The nautical crafting and survival game promises a mysterious new region dotted with abandoned research stations and databanks to explore as you piece together the story of what happened here, the alien species who were here before, what happened to your sister, and just how close you can get to titanic sea creatures before they swallow you whole.

The game, which has been in early access on PC for two years now, will release its final version on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC next month and builds on the previous games already punishing survival mechanics with new temperature mechanics and large on-land areas to explore and presumably die horribly in. We look forward to seeing how the sequel’s expanded story and on land sections change up the Subnautica formula next month.

You can view the latest trailer below.