• Marion Choufa

Succubus revealed through a new, adult only, trailer

Madmind studio just revealed, through a new trailer, the gameplay and the release date of Succubus.

In this brutal and sexy FPP slasher, play as Vydija, a demonic priestess of lust, who uses her her unique skills to take revenge on her enemies. Indeed, she’s been betrayed, captured and maimed by her own species and now all she seeks is revenge!

Customize your succubus as well as your main hub and gain experience to unlock new skills and weapons in order to crush your enemies! Experience impressive boss fights and rank arenas with online leaderboards.

Apart from that, expect a large range of opponents evolving in a multi-story plot combining horror with action and survival.

Succubus will premier on Steam on July 21st. The game’s demo is available through Steam and already received over 4,300 very positive reviews.

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