• Alberto Mezzalira

Summer Game Fest 2021 Recap

While we are all still waiting for E3 to get more information and gameplay videos, the Summer Game Fest 2021 was the perfect occasion to learn about what’s coming up in the world of gaming. The expectations have been completely fulfilled; among the games presented, Overwatch 2, Far Cry 6, Tales of Arise and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut were announced, but the greatest news of the show was a full gameplay trailer and a release date for the highly anticipated Elden Ring from Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin.

Overall, the live stream covered more than 40 games between announcements and gameplay videos; since it would take too long to discuss every game in detail, so here are some highlights from the show, as well as brief notes about everything else we saw:

The very first game that got a trailer during Summer Game Fest was Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: a high-fantasy Borderlands spinoff. Based on Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC from Borderlands 2, this game stars Andy Samberg, Wanda Sykes, Will Arnett and Ashly Burch, as well as characters that you can customize to wield fantastical spells. Despite this will not be an official part of the Borderlands canon, the graphics and the humour style are typical of the series.

Overwatch 2 was presented with a new trailer where new skins, including outfits for Baptiste and Sombra were shown. Blizzard showed enhanced shaders and more detailed clothing design and gave hints about rebalancing characters to fit the new 5-versus-5 match format.

As for Far Cry 6, host Geoff Keighley had a conversation with Giancarlo Esposito: the popular actor who plays Anton, the game’s villain. To improve his performance, the actor said he took inspiration from real dictators; he was also pleased that he got a chance to put his political science education to good use. Unfortunately, Ubisoft decided not to show any gameplay video this time but we will probably see much more during the Ubisoft Forward event which will begin on June 12 at 8 pm UK time.

The new Bandai Namco’s JRPG Tales of Arise will come out on September 10. In the trailer presented, we could see two new party members, and we had a look at the villains we’ll face during this adventure. As for the other Tales games, Arise will feature a colorful cast of characters, a real-time battle system and a huge world map to explore. We will probably see more about this game during E3.

Here is a list of all the other presentations and announcements: • Metal Slug Tactics brings the classic '90s franchise into a whole new genre • Hideo Kojima introduced the Death Stranding: Director's Cut for PS5 • Jeff Goldblum showed off Jurassic World Evolution 2 • Japanese Breakfast performed a moving song for exploration game Sable • Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 will debut on June 17 • Ryan Reynolds advertised his upcoming movie Free Guy, inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto • Among Us will soon get new classes, cosmetics, modes and maps • Shuhei Yoshida introduced a variety of PlayStation Indies • Simulation game Two Point Campus will be out next year • Smite will get a special Stranger Things-inspired map • New publisher Prime Matter is working on a Painkiller sequel • The Anacrusis is a stylish sci-fi shooter • Amazon Games will release its MMO New World later this summer • Rocket League will have a Fast & Furious crossover on June 17 • Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodhunt will come out later in 2021 • Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is an Iraq War horror/adventure that will debut on October 22 • A Nintendo Switch adaptation of The Little Prince debuts on June 29 • House of Lana, which looks like a watercolor painting, will be out for Steam and Xbox • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, which has attracted some celebrity players, will be out on June 22 • Paladins: Champions of the Realm will have a Gen:Lock crossover in July • Weezer performed a new song to promote the indie game Wave Break • Endless Dungeon is still in the works from Sega • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will have a developer stream at 5 PM today • Nier: Automata content will soon be available in Fall Guys • Deviation Games and PlayStation are teaming up to create new games • Back 4 Blood has a new trailer, but we'll hear more about the game soon • Tunic, the charming Zelda-like indie game, is still in the works • Tribes of Midgard is a Viking survival adventure with a colorful art style • Bruce Campbell narrated a trailer for Evil Dead: The Game What are your thoughts on this event? Did you enjoy it? Which games will you play? We want to hear from you!