• James Kinch

Super Rare Shorts - Physical only releases for Switch

Super Rare Games, a large Nintendo Switch physical game publisher, has today announced the 'Super Rare Shorts' label with games already in production for it.

This label is designed to allow developers to publish their games with a physical only and exclusive release to Nintendo's Switch platform. All the content of the game will be on the cartridge- no download required (whether this means that there would be no updates for the games is not yet confirmed). Titles released in this format will be treated with full cover art & "exquisite packaging".

The first of these games will be a game by Glass Revolver, developer of ITTA and House of God. The game will be available via month-long open pre-order window later in the year. 5000 copies will be printed initially. Any additional orders shipped roughly a month after the pre-order window permanently closes.

Super Rare Shorts can be anything- university teams with a expanded jam game to veteran studios looking for a new way to release a game.

Super Rare are looking to boost indie developers visibility in the marketplace by moving some of the games to the physical world. With tertiary game shops in decline, this surge of interesting projects hitting the store shelves they hope will "showcase awesome titles that would otherwise have never seen the light of day or received the audience it deserved."