• Marion Choufa

SUPERHOT VR gets "review-bombed" after removing suicidal scenes

SUPERHOT VR is an independent FPS developed and published by Superhot Team. Initially launched in 2017, the game has the mechanics of a classic FPS. What differentiates it with other titles is that time within the game progresses at normal speed only when the player moves. Which creates the opportunity for the player to assess their situation in slow motion and respond appropriately.

The fact that the game is in VR really improved the immersion and the sensations. Which is the reason why the developers decided to removed scenes judges too "realistic'.

Indeed two scenes depicting suicide have been deleted. In the first one, player had to put the controller to their temple and pull the trigger. In the second, one you had to jump from the top of a tall building.

Developers explained in a statement:

"You deserve better. All scenes alluding to self harm are now completely removed from the game. These scenes have no place in superhot virtual reality. We regret it took us so long."

Following these changes, a lot of disappointed players didn't hesitate to "review-bomb" the game on Steam. Review-bombing is a common practice of massively rating a game poorly to express dissatisfaction.

Do you think the fans' reaction will cause Superhot Team to backtrack? What's your opinion on removing sensitive scenes from a video game? Let us know in the comments below?