• Lewis Gillingwater

Supermassive gives us a first look at House of Ashes

Following up on the teaser at the end of the last Supermassive cinematic horror game Little Hope, the first gameplay for the studio's upcoming Iraq war set instalment in its Dark Pictures anthology has now been unveiled.

House of Ashes drops players into 2003 Iraq and sees them taking control of a cast of characters including a CIA operative, her crew of US soldiers, and an Iraqi soldier trapped with them. With the US invasion happening above ground, the game's story instead sees its cast of characters trapped in underground ruins of an ancient city that may or may not be cursed.

Releasing on Xbox, PlayStation and PC later this year, House of Ashes marks another tonal and setting shift for the studio's Dark Pictures Anthology, which has wheeled from horror at sea, to rural ghost towns and now to underground cursed ruins. With eight planned entries in the series, and each sequel improving on the last, Supermassive clearly has tales to tell for years to come.