• Lewis Gillingwater

Survival horror hit The Persistence gets enhanced for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC this June

Acclaimed survival horror title The Persistence from developer Firesprite is getting a next-gen enhanced edition this June. Dialling up the already tense atmosphere another notch with improved lighting, Raytracing effects and haptic feedback on the PS5, this enhanced edition promises an even more terrifying experience than the original release.

Combining rogue-lite design with survival horror, The Persistence aks players to survive aboard a doomed deep space colony ship in the far future, delving ever deeper into the decks of the titular ship to repair systems and avoid letting the ship and themselves be torn to pieces.

The enhanced edition of The Persistence comes as a free upgrade for existing owners of the base game on PS4, Xbox One and Steam, and publisher Perp Games will also be releasing a retail version of the PS5 version exclusively in Europe.