• Lewis Gillingwater

Switch sales continue to boom, PS5 stocks continue to dwindle

The latest UK games sales figures are out from gamesindustry.biz, and they have great news for Nintendo and marginally less good news for anyone still trying to secure a PlayStation 5.

In April just over 90,000 consoles were sold in the UK, a 60% drop on this time last year mostly explained by the lockdown prompting a 230% surge in entertainment sales to stave off the boredom.

The Switch has unseated the PS5 as the best selling console this month, owing more to a significant drop in PS5 stock than a lack of demand. The stock dropped so far that the PS4 outsold the PS5 this month, proving the last-gen system still has life in it yet. Xbox continues to take second place and is fast catching up

Nintendo tops the charts in physical sales, accounting for a third of all physical games sold this month. New Pokémon Snap tops the physical game sales chart, with Grand Theft Auto 5 inexplicably still riding high in digital sales 8 years on from its original release. We can only assume the inevitable GTA 6 will make Rockstar literally all the money in the world.