• Lewis Gillingwater

Take-Two Interactive's investor presentation makes some big promises

Updated: May 22

Alongside pledging to increase their staff to 5,046 employees by 2021 and continuing to promote 'recurrent consumer spending' through invasive microtransactions, virtual currency and wildly popular online modes for Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, Take-Two makes an impressive pledge to release 62 games to market by 2024.

This number, which is slightly less impressive when you consider it includes mobile titles and ports of its console games, is still a scarily high amount of product for any one company to be releasing. 24 of these titles, Take-Two says, will be free-to-play titles. This makes sense given that Take-two's earning predictions include over 50% of revenue coming from 'recurrent consumer spending'.

The publisher also talks up its investment in Esports and its partnerships with Tencent to try and break into the Chinese market. Further development of their GamePass, Apple Arcade and Playstation Now offerings also seems imminent, along with further studio acquisitions to bolster their already weighty portfolio.

Whichever way you cut it, despite the pandemic, Take-Two is doing well. Even if that financial success is largely built off the back of exploitative microtransaction business models, it is impossible to deny that Take-Two is raking in cash which it looks set to deploy on releasing an ever-growing slate of releases.