• James Kinch

The Playdate – a new handheld console

Yesterday, Panic, one of the publishers behind Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game announced that their unique take on a handheld console’s release date will be announced during their 8th June Playdate Update video. It’ll be launched here at 9 PDT, June 8th.

Details that we are currently aware of include:

  • The console is set to launch with double the amount of free games. Up from 12 to 24.

  • The size of the internal storage is 4GB rather than the originally announced 2GB.

  • The price will be slightly higher than originally announced, however, they hope that the other improvements will win over consumers.

  • The console has a suite of “easy development tools” that will allow people to create their own games for the console.

The console itself appears to be a smaller, thinner and squared version of the retro Nintendo GameBoy. It has a black and white screen, and it features a unique crank that can be used to interact with games. It is charged with a USB Type C.

According to Panic, the “Playdate hopes to capture the spirit of endless possibility and excitement that games have given us since the beginning. Playdate’s collection of games will delight players with their inventiveness and ingenuity.”