• Marion Choufa

Thief Simulator 2 announced through a new trailer

3 years after the release of the original Thief Simulator, that generated 1.6 million copies sold, it's finally getting a sequel.

MrCiastku and Ultimate Games S.A just announced that Thief Simulator 2 will be coming on PC in 2022 and consoles in 2023. If you look at the trailer the game seems very promising.

What’s going to be different from the original game? The developers added three new locations full of new tools, goals and stuffs to steal. You won’t be just robbing houses but restaurants, banks and other special places to rob will be unlockable as you advance through the game. Stealing cars will also be a possibility. In addition, each heist will give you the opportunity to level up and acquire new useful skills.

"In Thief Simulator 2, we will improve the best features and solutions known from the first instalment, at the same time offering players a whole package of new possibilities. Expect new goals, skills and challenges” – Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A.

Will you be delving into the life of a thief in Thief Simulator 2, or are you a goody goody who wouldn't dare? Let us know below!