• Ben Thompson

Toy Soldiers HD coming to consoles and PC in August

Accelerate Games and Signal Studios have announced that their best selling strategic tower defence game Toy Soldiers is getting a HD overhaul and coming to consoles and PC in August 2021.

Featuring improved single and multiplayer gameplay, the HD version will include completely new content, enhanced HD graphics with improved audio and camera along with all previous DLC.

Toy Soldiers was a bit of a hit when it originally released back in 2011 (I personally was a big fan) and was even nominated for a D.I.C.E award in the Strategy/Simulation category up against heavy hitters Starcraft 2, Dawn Of War II and Supreme Commander 2 to name a few.

The game like many other tower defence games lets you strategically build your defences whilst planning your counter offensives but had the unique ability to switch from top down view to third person view. This allowed you to take control of specific units and use them at will. Think you can do a better job than the AI as a bomber pilot? Take control of a bomber and obliterate the enemy defences. Want to run across no mans land with a flamethrower and burn the enemy trenches? You can do that and more.

Toy Soldiers HD will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC in August 2021 and you can view the announcement trailer below.