• Marion Choufa

Transformers AR mobile game is under development

After Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizard Unites, Niantic is working on a new project. This time the company teamed up with Hasbro and TOMY to develop a new augmented reality mobile game called Transformers: Heavy Metal.

In Transformers: Heavy Metal, players can join the Guardian Network, a group of human who teamed up with Autobots in order to fight Decepticons. Combats are turn-based and can be played alone or with friends. By exploring the earth, players will be able to collect resources that'll turn out to be helpful against their enemies.

"We’ve been working super hard on this with Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship as the development studio. We’ll enter soft launch in select countries soon, and global launch is planned for later this year." - Phil Hong, Executive Producer at Niantic

Transformers: Heavy Metal will be available on iOS and Android. No release date has been confirmed yet.