• Lewis Gillingwater

Uncharted 4 is coming to PC

Updated: May 28

Investor meetings are not always where you'd expect big announcements to come from, but they're often great sources for long term company plans. In a Sony investor meeting, one slide has heavily suggested (Okay, all but confirmed) that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, is coming to PC in the near future.

The action-adventure run n' jump n' shoot 'em up originally released back in 2016, but appeared on a slide detailing Sony's off-console growth vectors alongside recent PC release Days Gone under the heading 'More PC releases planned'. No doubt the 250% return on investment that Horizon Zero Dawn's PC release apparently generated, according to the same slide, has prompted Sony to look further into bringing their exclusive titles outside of the PlayStation console ecosystem.

Where Microsoft is pushing simultaneous PC and console releases for its exclusives, united by GamePass and the fact that the company owns its PC distribution platform, Sony is clearly taking a different route. Unable to skirt storefront fees as Microsoft can and without a PC distribution arm, Sony clearly sees the safe route as releasing legacy exclusives to PC as the right tactic. By putting games out to the big PC farm upstate when they've reached a point of diminishing returns on console, they can get a big sales boost from non-PlayStation owners eager to try these exclusives normally locked in Sony's fairly insular console ecosystem.

What next for PlayStation on PC? Impossible to say right now, but given Sony's current strategy it doesn't seem too unlikely that we could see some of their last-generation prestige titles make their way to PC. Watch this space for God of War and the Last of Us making Steam releases perhaps?