• Marion Choufa

Boxed In is out now on PS4 and PS5

Updated: May 29

PS4 and PS5 owners can finally enjoy playing Boxed In, the new 'budget title' (costing £5 / $6 / €6 / ¥660 only) of Red Chain Games!

You probably understood it from the trailer, Boxed In is a puzzle game where you will have to avoid being crushed to death by walls of coloured blocks. To do so, you will have to destroy these blocks by making connections between them. When a series of three or four boxes of the same colour is made it explodes and destroys the nearby boxes of the same colour. Just like Tetris, the game is about surviving as long as possible.

Two modes are available: the 'Survival' mode (where boxes are coming faster and faster), as well the more relaxed 'Solitaire' mode (all the boxes are already there when you start the game).

You can also pick the difficulty either through the number of colours (the less the easier) as well as the required number to validate a series (a square of four being the hardest). Finally, you can choose if the blocks are going to arrive from the top, bottom or the side. Which makes a total of 36 gameplay variations!

Boxed In is compatible with the DualShock 4, the two PlayStation Move controllers and the AIM Controller. The colour-matching game can also be played “flat” (without PSVR).