• Lewis Gillingwater

Warner Bros. insists it isn't planning to sell off its studios

With Microsoft and Sony hungry for exclusives and other publishers struggling to keep up as the big names grow their portfolios, rumours continue to abound about acquisitions. Most recently, there have been talks that Warner Bros. Interactive was planning to spin off Mortal Kombat developers Netherealm and Lego licensing giant TT Games as part of a bid to reduce its gaming investment.

Now though, the media giant has insisted it has no plans to sell off any of its studios. Despite an ongoing merger with the Discovery network which made pains to not mention the future of the WB Games division and the sale earlier this month of its Playdemic studio to EA, Warner Bros. representative Remi Sklar confirmed to PCGamesN that all studios except Playdemic will be part of the newly merged company.

Another case of the internet jumping the gun? Or reasonable speculation given the industry wrangling going on behind the scenes right now? Either way, hopefully with a recommitment to its games division Warner Bros. can release titles like the long-delayed Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga on time.