• Lewis Gillingwater

Warzone teases guest appearances from 80s action stars

In a series of cryptic tweets, Call of Duty: Warzone has indicated its hopping on Fortnite's highly profitable bandwagon and bringing in guest appearances and events from Hollywood.

Posts by the official Warzone Twitter imply we'll be seeing John McClane from Die Hard and Rambo from ... Rambo showing up sometime soon alongside Captain Price and pals. It's unclear exactly what form these crossovers will take, but it's difficult to imagine them paying for the rights to these characters just to have a minor guest appearance in a cutscene. More likely is some kind of limited-time event and possibly timed operators or skins, a-la Fortnite's recent Marvel and DC crossovers.

Rambo is certainly no stranger to videogames, turning up in Mortal Kombat 11 alongside Robocop and the Terminator. John McClane is a stranger choice given the character isn't military, but who are we to deny him work when Bruce Willis clearly needs it.