• Ben Thompson

Xbox Games With Gold for April announced

Microsoft seem to rile people up with their Games With Gold announcements, especially of recent times and today they've announced their Games With Gold output for April today, let's just say they aren't going to please everyone this time. I personally am looking forward to the line up though as I've not played any of the games listed and it's a nice mix of genres in there.

The first half of the month has Vikings: Wolves of Midgar, a mythological adventure where you'll tear through all kinds of creatures and beasts with a range of swords, bows and axes. Joining it is the 2010's Dark Void, a 3rd person shoot 'em up set in an alternate WWII where you get to fly around with jet packs and fight aliens.

The latter half of the month sees Truck Racing Championship join the service. With 45 vehicles to choose from and race across 14 worldwide circuits, put the pedal to the metal in a 5 ton, 1000 horsepower behemoth of a semi-truck and race to victory. The 360 game joining it will be Hard Corps: Uprising which finds you run and gunning your way through levels in either Arcade or Rising modes.