• Joe Allen

xScreen Kickstarter gets funded in 20 minutes

Xbox gamers are getting a flashy new peripheral that can change the console into a portable gaming machine. A new Kickstarter campaign, launched yesterday, was funded in under 20 minutes and will provide an attachable screen to the rear of the console.

The 11.6 inch screen has built-in speakers and doesn’t require any additional power outlets to work. The add-on plugs right into the back of the console through the HDMI and USB ports to turn the Series S into a portable, if slightly bulky, ‘gaming laptop’. The add-on still allows access to the external storage and power port on the console, so all you’ll need to do is plug in the console and fire it up!

While not quite as commutable as a laptop or the Nintendo Switch, this new peripheral is an awesome idea, especially when the main TV is unavailable for use. We look forward to see how well they deliver on this cool new piece of kit.